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Spanish Revolution Anniversary, 1957/04/08

Published 1957

(21) 18th anniversary of end of Spanish revolution in Spain, Franco and daughter watch soldiers, "the caudillo looks on with pride, 18 years of peace and rebuilding" (2) Reno NV - first midget convention (partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: Meg88 - - May 23, 2009
Subject: Misconceptions about Franco's regime
This is a very interesting review as it does show another side to the Civil War, not one that I agree with, but an alternartive perspective nonetheless.
I have some issues with MD12's comments as he/she seems totally misinformed, and their comments seem to be very biased in favour of this fascist propaganda.
The regime's motto "Espanya. Una, Grande y Libre" was mere rhetoric. I would like to know how MD15 defines freedom, because Franco's regime certainly wasn't free or democratic. There were no political parties, except for his Movimiento, there were no elections, press censorship persisted throughout the regime so already we can see that freedom of expression, speech and association were non-existent. Furthermore, he killed thousands of people for their beliefs, allowed Moorish soldiers to rape and kill innocent civilians and gave the Nazi's permission to bomb Guernica down to the ground.
And he didn't save Spain from Communisim, yes the Communist Party was very important within the Republic, but they didn't intend on turning Spain into a Communist state, they wanted all left parties to rally around the Popular Front government to create a united Left capable of defeating the Nationalists. And the USSR did send support to the Republic during the Civil War but not to turn Spain into a Soviet satellite but to try and forge an anti-fascist alliance with France and Britain, who were busy burying their heads in the sand, trying to ignore the situation.
It is true that thousands of monks, nuns and priests were killed during the civil war, yes, both sides killed each other but it was the systematic murder of thousands of Republicans after the Civil War that makes Franco's legacy so horrific.
I can safely say that I was not there and so cannot speak first hand, however, I bother to read history books and make up my own mind, rather than get spoon-fed fascist rhetoric and believe it like MD12.
So get some non-biased facts before glorifying Franco and his bloody regime the way you do MD12. Thank god your opinions are so out-dated and backward that no-one takes them seriously anymore
Reviewer: Classic_TV_and_Radio_Fan - - September 15, 2008
Subject: Franco was a loser
Franco was a massive loser who failed at life. I wish I was alive back then so I could of shot him with a musket and then I could of taken his body and dumped it into the garbage where it belonged.
Reviewer: Sandavito - - September 15, 2008
Subject: The point of view of those abroad... so wrong
This film has one of the greatest failures abroad countries had anfter the WWII. Franco did not do any revolution. He was a dictator whor took over the real democracy.

@MD12: It's easy to believe all those stupid things about a crusade. There was no crusade at all. He was a little man who really wanted to turn his family into a royal one. He tried to keep the power for his family after his deceasing, but king Juan Carlos was smarter. He didn't want to save anyone from comunism. He once defended the government, but, as the government turned him down due to his will of power, he, and his allies, decided to sublevate and take over the country, killing thousands of people. That's no crusade; that's barbarism. He is no hero, he's just a murderer, as were Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and so, and as many other dictators are now.

There was no "One, big and free" Spain. There was just a bunch of people who hold the power and kept the people living under the greatest of all terrors.

Stop with your babbling about this hideous little man. As I see it, you haven't lived it, you don't know it from inside, you haven't spoken to both sides, like many of us have done. You haven't heard the creepy stories of those you call liberators, and really were nothing but murderers.

And, one last thing. Franco dind´t help the Allies. He, in fact, intendet to help Hitler. But Hitler didn't want to give him everything he wanted. Thus, when the Axis lost the war, Franco's propaganda, and USA's propaganda (who wanted to have allies in strategic positions, and prevent the comunists of beating them) started to say that he confronted Hitler in Hendaya, but there's nithing further from the truth.

I really hate people talking without knowing things better befor opening their traps.
Reviewer: MD12 - - March 19, 2008
Subject: Thanks
Thanks for the video of Franco there.

The remarks made by some demonstrate the level of ignorance about the Caudillo in this time of universal deceit and brainwashing by Marxists.

Thanks to General Franco, for 36 years Spain was 'One, Great and Free'.

Franco saved Spain from communist barbarism. Some say that he attacked the Spanish Republic and democracy - that is false. At that time, a far left government which included the communists was in power, and persecuted all who did not buckle to communism, along with Christians. 7000 Christians were slaughtered along with more than 10% of all the clergy of Spain. May the memory of these martyrs never be forgotten.

Franco simply did what was right and honorable, and fought a Crusade to save Spain, Christian civilization and family values. Against all odds, he won the war.

Franco did not fight for the Nazis during WWII. It was actually he who ensured the victory of the Allies, as he refused Hitler access through Spain to Gibraltar, which would have won Germany the war. He saved 60000 Jews from the holocaust during the war by issuing them with Spanish passports. Anti-Semitism was never practised under the Franco regime.

If only we had a man like that today.

Honour the memory of the General who refused to buckle under the communist and liberal yoke.

Reviewer: masokist - - April 20, 2007
Subject: wtf
franco was a axis power a ally of nazis he changed sides when he saw his old buddy hitler getting beat. .. he not only diported jews to camps he helped fund and gave arms and men to nazis.
im disgusted the way they portray him in that news reel . he helped kill millions of jews hundreds of americans and thousands of other europeans,
and yet the us gave him tanks..

well after ww2 the U.S. wanted to put a air base in spain franco was all to happy to let them.( knowing wich side his bread was buttered) it was a disgusting act
Reviewer: ALBERTOPAG - - June 18, 2006
Subject: Franco "defeated"
Franco did not defeat comunists but a democratic republican republic in which comunists were just one more, and minoritary, faction. Franco did not beat to the legitime Spanish government (out of poll ballots) with the help of the USA, but of the german and italian dictators, Franco and Mussolini.
Reviewer: Airtama - - April 22, 2006
Subject: No revolution
In Spain there no were a Revolution! Franco was a dictator, like Hitler, like Mussolini, like Stalin.
Reviewer: opt17 - - May 21, 2005
Subject: lol
One about the midget convention made me laugh half of for air fair. I wish
Reviewer: moretree5 - - April 8, 2005
Subject: An excellent insight
Two stories:
One about how great the dictator Franco was because the US helped him defeat the communitsts.
One about the midget convention. Show some appreciation for the vertically challenged!
on 4/4/2005